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Join me on this transformative journey as I share my story of trading in my graphic design roots for a thriving career in real estate investment. My journey kicked off amidst the 2008 financial crisis, leading to the founding of my very own property buying company.

I recently had the privilege of being a guest on The Know your Why Podcast with Dr. Jason Balara where I dive deeper into my journey. I’ll share the invaluable lessons I learned from mentors and my hands-on experience in the real estate market. Starting from scratch wasn’t easy, but with persistence and adaptability, I managed to build a robust portfolio. I’ll share the insights I gained, the crucial first steps into private lending, and the resilience needed to manage personal properties.

Together, we’ll navigate the rocky terrain of real estate investment, emphasizing the importance of aligning investment strategies with personal goals. I’ll show you that achieving financial independence through real estate isn’t just a dream, but an attainable reality.

We’ll also delve into the financial nuances of the trade, discussing everything from tax benefits to diversifying your investment portfolio. I’ll even give you a glimpse into my own investments, particularly my interest in mobile home parks and how they contribute to my vision of financial freedom.

Striking the Balance: Professional Growth and Family Life

Lastly, we’ll touch upon a topic that’s very close to my heart – balancing professional growth with family life. It’s like walking a tightrope, but it’s absolutely essential for maintaining harmony and happiness.

I genuinely hope my story and strategic advice will inspire and empower you on your own real estate investment journey. So, let’s navigate this exciting path together!

So grab a cup of coffee, sit back and give it a listen HERE. Let’s learn, grow, and invest together!