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I recently had the pleasure of being a guest on the Multifamily Insights Podcast, hosted by John Casmon. It was a fantastic opportunity to share my story and insights on real estate investing, and I’m excited to invite you to listen to the episode.

During our conversation, we covered a range of topics that I’m passionate about:

My Background and Journey

I shared my journey from being a graphic artist to becoming a real estate investor. It hasn’t been an easy road, but it’s been incredibly rewarding. After being underpaid for a decade, I realized I needed to make a change. I dove into reading and learning about financial literacy, asking a lot of questions along the way.

The First Steps in Investing

The very first investing I did was as a private lender. This initial step paved the way for my transition into real estate. I discussed why I decided to step down from my business to fully immerse myself in real estate investing.

Challenges and Triumphs

One of the most challenging periods of my career involved nine deals that fell out of contract. I talked about how I handled these setbacks and what I learned from them. These experiences have shaped my focus and approach in today’s market.

Balancing and Scaling

Balancing the day-to-day operations while scaling a business can be tough. I shared my strategies for managing this balance and the importance of having a reliable team. I also touched on my side business, which I run in conjunction with my real estate investments.

Supporting a Cause

Beyond business, I’m passionate about supporting causes that matter. I believe in giving back and making a positive impact through my work and investments.


If you’re interested in real estate investing, my journey, or simply want to hear some honest insights about the industry, I highly recommend tuning in to this episode. It’s packed with valuable information and personal stories that I hope will inspire and inform you.


Listen to the full episode on Multifamily Insights by John Casmon.


Thank you for your continued support!