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Early this year I had the privilege to be featured on this exciting episode of the Hey Homegirl Podcast hosted by Sara Lyman.

In this episode, I take you into the heart of Central Arkansas real estate. I offer an insider’s perspective into the often-underestimated areas of wholesaling and owner financing. With my experience and expertise, I aim to demystify these aspects, shedding light on how they can be potential game-changers in your real estate career.

I share valuable insights about creating notes through selling owner-financed properties. I reveal how this strategy can be a powerful tool for building a robust portfolio. But that’s not all – I also unveil the untapped potential of mobile homes and parks.

One of the highlights of this episode is my recounting of my goal towards buying my first mobile home park in 2024. It’s a story filled with lessons, ranging from the importance of persistence to the need for strategic planning. My experiences serve as a roadmap for any aspiring real estate investor looking to venture into this niche.


Sara Lyman, the host, and I invite you to join us in this enlightening conversation. Tune in to the Unique Investments: From First Park to Financial Freedom with Lindsay Sharma episode and discover the endless possibilities that await you in the realm of real estate.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from my experiences and insights! Remember – in real estate, there are no limits, only new frontiers to explore. So, let’s venture into these new territories together.