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Have you ever dreamt of owning real estate, generating extra income, or even achieving passive income? You watch the shows, see the ads, and then glance at your bank account and think, “Yeah, that’s never gonna happen.” It feels like working until the end of time is the only option… ugh.

In the latest episode of Fun Rich Mom, those dreams feel a lot closer to reality. I had the pleasure of chatting with Mitch Blackford, tackling about me as a dynamic mom of three who’s living in Florida and running a successful real estate wholesaling business out of Arkansas. I didn’t start with a surplus of funds. In this episode, I will take you behind the scenes of my journey and shares so much more!

My Journey into Real Estate Investing

I shared the inspirational story of how I got started in real estate investing. From humble beginnings to establishing my own business, it’s a tale of determination and savvy decision-making.

Money and Real Estate Investing

One big question is whether you really need substantial funds to start investing in real estate. Spoiler alert: the answer might surprise you.

The Need for a Real Estate License

Do you need a real estate license to invest? I tackled the reality and myths around this topic.

Wholesaling Properties Without Using Your Own Money

My expertise in wholesaling properties without using my own money is a game-changer. I have shared practical steps and personal anecdotes that highlight how this strategy works.

Finding Properties and Making Deals

Revealed my strategies for finding properties and making successful deals. It’s all about networking, research, and a bit of creativity.

Diverse Ways to Make Money in Real Estate

We explored the different avenues within real estate that can lead to financial gain. It’s not just about buying and selling houses; there’s a plethora of opportunities out there.

Industry Connections and Networking

Building connections in the industry is vital. I have shared tips on where to find these networks and how to leverage them for success.

Favorite Part of the Business

I also talked about what I love most about real estate investing, providing a personal touch to the conversation.

Books and Resources

For those eager to learn, I mentioned the books I used to educate myself about the industry. It’s a must-read for anyone looking to expand their knowledge.

Utilizing Coaches

To reclaim more of my time, I utilizes coaches. I explained how this has made a significant impact on my productivity and efficiency.

First Steps into Real Estate Investing

Finally, I outlined the first steps anyone should take if they want to get into real estate investing. It’s practical advice that you can start implementing immediately.

If you’ve ever had questions about making money in real estate, I probably answered them here. Listen to the episode here and dive into the practical wisdom and real-life experiences I shared. Your journey to financial freedom through real estate might just start today!