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The Challenge: A Trashed House in Need of Repair

We recently purchased a new investment property that we are in the process of rehabbing. We purchased the home from Patrick, a homeowner in Mabelvale, AR, who found himself in a challenging predicament. His family members, who rented his property, moved out, leaving behind a severely damaged house. To make matters worse, Patrick and his wife were struggling to pay medical bills due to his wife’s illness, pushing them towards financial instability.

Recognizing the urgency of Patrick’s situation, our team swiftly stepped in to provide a solution: purchasing the property from him and offering upfront money to cover his mortgage payment.

The Process

Our experienced team thoroughly evaluated the property’s condition and estimated its value, considering the extensive repairs required to make it market-ready. Once Patrick accepted our fair offer, we expedited the purchasing process, ensuring a quick closing. We provided him with upfront money to cover his mortgage payment, preventing any late payments or potential loss of the property.

The Outcome: A Win-Win Solution

By acquiring the house from Patrick, Lindsay Sharma Property Buyers resolved his financial concerns and allowed him to prioritize his wife’s health and well-being. Patrick no longer had to worry about falling behind on mortgage payments or dealing with the burden of repairing the trashed house.

For us, this transaction presented an opportunity to rehabilitate and transform the property into a valuable asset, benefiting our investment strategy. We are currently rehabbing the property, with the goal of providing a comfortable home for a new family soon. Stay tuned for the after remodelling pictures!

We are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of homeowners, offering timely and valuable solutions to their pressing issues, while creating profitable investment opportunities for our private money partners.Β 

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